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About Us

Jim Davis Inc privately held company with offices in El Paso,Texas Tucson,AZ and New Orleans, LA.

It is very simple. Provide the best possible Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and internet – website marketing services for the small businesses owner at an affordable price. All of which are designed to increase website traffic and conversions.

We specializing in local, Geo-Targeted, and niche SEO solutions that will increase site traffic that is higher targeted. Our methods are designed to leverage the Internet to grow your business and increase your Return On Investment.

Our goal is to produce a triple win situation for everyone involved in the search engine optimization process. First the web searcher wins when they found what they were seeking. You win because you are increasing sales and leads. Finally, we win because you will tell your friends and family about our great service. Thus we all win..

The ultimate goal is to produce customer out of your website visitors and increase profits. Thanks for your consideration.

Our Experience

With over 12 years of Search Engine Marketing experience, Jim Davis Inc offers an easy, cost effective search engine optimization service that helps businesses like yours stay competitive and attract new customers by listing your business among the top results.

Our professional, highly skilled staff has the knowledge and expertise to help your business increase exposure on major search engines and portals. We can help you start connecting with the millions of people everyday who use search engines to look for new products and services. It's fast, easy and guaranteed to deliver results.

Our Search Engine Optimization and PPC Management products and services were developed with our customer's needs in mind and the result is a full service search marketing solution from strategic consultation to in-depth reporting systems. We have designed websites, web systems, internet marketing campaigns, and collateral for clients in a vast array of industries, including: Personal Fitness, Technology, Non Profit, Entertainment, Natural Health, Social Media, Travel, Publishing, Beauty, and more.


Jim Davis Inc Headquarters is located in El Paso, TX. Most of our services are in Search Engine Optimization, Google Places, Text Message Setup & Marketing Press Release Service, Social Media Services, You Tube Video Production.


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